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I grew up in a household of music and tools. Where many young women of the time might have leaned toward music, I became my father’s “helper” — learning the names of every tool in his service truck and fetching tools and parts for him on repair calls. I became the first woman to work for my father in the shop, this cemented my love of tools, hardware, and mechanics.

I am a painter and have worked in diverse media for more than 30 years - exploring ways to make art by painting, drawing, wood block printing, book arts, monotypes, and stitching. I also spent 20 years in graphic design. All this experience has brought me to work that is a vessel of responses to the world - work that is intensely personal and combines media.

Paintings begin from my connections to those close to me and the sentiments of my environment. They reflect a love affair with gestural marks, stitch as line and artistic embellishment. I have an affinity for geometric repetitive patterns and the way they interact with wild, expressive mark making.

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